Itinerant Programs

The Itinerant Program serves students whose hearing or visual impairment adversely affects his/her educational performance. Following an audiological or ocular exam, local school districts request a functional hearing or vision evaluation in which a variety of standardized tests, functional assessments, and classroom observations are completed. The Itinerant teacher interviews students, parents, teachers, as well as review related school and medical records. If a student is determined eligible, the student’s needs are addressed through direct and/or consultative services.

The Hearing and Vision Itinerant teachers provide in-service training to the student’s educational team, monitor the student’s educational needs, and assist in the assessment and acquisition of adaptive materials and equipment, when appropriate. Specific areas of instruction to students with hearing impairments may include developing skills in the areas of oral and written language, auditory training, speechreading, self-advocacy, and coping/adaptive strategies. Areas of direct instruction to students with visual impairments may include Braille reading and writing, compensatory strategies, visual perception and organizational skills, and the use of vision technology and low vision devices.