Developmental Learning Program

The Developmental Learning Program provides a complete educational program for students with multiple disabilities in a regular education setting. Children are with age-appropriate peers for lessons that are educationally appropriate to the individual child. Students in the Developmental Learning Program work on an academic and functional curriculum developed individually for them. When appropriate, students are included in a general education class for components of their educational program. If necessary, our inclusion facilitator will accompany them and assist them with adaptations and support. Many of our students are mainstreamed for physical education and computer technology, with varying levels of support. All Developmental Learning Program students have cooking and community experiences as a part of their curriculum.

Developmental Learning Program students have access to all related services that are necessary for them to benefit from their educational placement. Speech/Language therapy, as well as Occupational and Physical therapies are provided on-site. A full time nurse is on staff for our more serious health issues. Staff trained in Assistive Technology is able to address any concerns impeding the educational performance of our students.

Student Records

School student records are confidential and information from them shall not be released other than as provided by law. The information contained in school student records shall be kept current, accurate, clear and relevant. All information maintained concerning a student receiving special education services should be directly related to the provision of services to that child. State and federal laws grant students and parent(s)/guardian(s) certain rights, including the right to inspect, copy, and challenge school records. Pursuant to the Illinois Schools Records Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, parent(s)/guardian(s) have the right to review and copy their child’s school student records prior to any special education eligibility or IEP meeting.

In addition, the District maintains related service log records that document the type of related services administered under a student’s individualized education program (IEP). The related service logs also record the minutes of related services that have been administered. Parent(s)/guardian(s) may request and review IEP related service log records maintained for their child at any time. All requests for student records and/or related service logs will be directed to the student’s home school district.

Request for Interpretation/Translation Services for IEP Meetings

Interpretation services are available at IEP team meetings for parents/guardians whose native language is not English or for parents/guardians who are deaf. If a qualified interpreter is not available, the school may use outside vendors, including telephonic interpreters.

A parent/guardian requiring interpretation services at an IEP meeting may contact their student’s program supervisor, via in writing, by phone or email one time annually to request an interpreter at IEP meetings.

A parent or guardian has the right to request that the interpreter serve no other role in the IEP meeting other than interpreter, and the school should make reasonable efforts to fulfill this request. In addition to interpretation services, written translations of vital IEP process documents may be made available to parents/guardians of students with IEPs.  A parent/guardian may contact the program supervisor with any questions or complaints about interpretation services and/or to find out more information or to address concerns regarding translation of vital IEP documents.

Written translation of vital IEP process documents, into the 10 most commonly spoken languages in Illinois, are available to parents.  The Vital Documents List includes the IEP, Parent/Guardian Notification of Conference, Parent/Guardian Notification of Conference Recommendations, Notice of Procedural Safeguards for Parents/Guardians of Students with Disabilities, Parent/Guardian Consent for Initial Evaluation, Parent Consent for Reevaluation, Evaluation Reports, Eligibility Determination, Manifestation Determination Review documents, IEP Progress Reports, and Medicaid Consent Forms.  A parent/guardian may contact their student’s program supervisor, via in writing, by phone or email one time annually to request translated documents.  A parent/guardian may contact the program supervisor with any questions or complaints about the translations.

DLP News and Events

The DLP social workers are excited to share the overwhelming success of the first ever DLP Parent Group meeting!

Eleven parents attended, representing all 3 DLP schools. Parents were able to share successes they have seen in their children, discuss opportunities for more parent involvement at the school, and share information about accessible activities outside of school. The parents were also able to network with each other and share contact information. A great time was had by all, and everyone is looking forward to the next meeting on November 14th from 9-10 at the DLP Spaulding.

For more information, parents can reach out to Gail Loo, Patricia Roman, or Jackie Vrablic at DLP. We hope to have even more parents at the next meeting!