Occupational and Physical Therapy

The Eisenhower Cooperative provides school-based occupational and physical therapy services. Local school districts request a consultation and/or evaluation. Functional assessments, classroom observations, interviews with parents and teachers, and a review of school and medical records are completed. If the educational team decides that the student would benefit from services, educationally based goals and objectives are developed. Treatment for both occupational and physical therapy includes improving neuromuscular and/or sensory responses, strength, and joint range of motion. Adaptive equipment and materials are identified to help the student participate in school activities.

Two models of treatment interventions are used in the school setting. Direct services address specific treatment interventions, either individually or in small groups, when a student needs to acquire or refine skills or when ongoing management and therapist expertise are required. Consultation services provide recommendations that support the student’s functional performance throughout the school day utilizing the assistance of teachers, paraprofessionals, and families. Therapists monitor the individualized program carried out by others.

Recommended Practices for Occupational and Physical Therapy Services in Illinois Schools 2019

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