Adaptive Reading Lessons

Reading Lessons

Social Emotional Curriculum Corner

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Activity of the Month

The resource of the month is a "check in" called How are you Doing today by Learning Labs! This resources is differentiated already so all an educator needs to do is print!

See, Plan, Do, Check

Executive function is defined here along with a resource to support students. Click the link and find out additional information!********

Leisure time activities

Explore 4 different leisure activities students can learn! Leisure time is a great opportunity for students to work on communication skills, social skills, and more!

Adaptive Writing Lessons

Acrostic Poems (Visuals)

This Thanksgiving writing activity has been differentiated for all learners to participate. Students can be provided a field of 3 visuals per letter of the poem to be able to answer. The visuals can also be shrunk to size to cut and paste for those that benefit from writing adaptations.

Adaptive Holiday Units

February - Valentine's Day Dance Party

This unit encompasses math, communication, social skills, life skills and more. Portions of this unit, is adapted with visuals to encourage all learners to participate!