Adaptive Math Lesson

Video: Stabilizing math manipulatives on tasks such as tangrams (you can also use Wikki stix)

Video: How to prep materials for a lesson that involves fine motor skill for student with varying skill levels

Shapes/ Tangrams

This lesson includes optional videos about shapes through songs and video. There is also a google slides presentation on how to take a tangram worksheet and visually differentiate it to fade prompting.

Video: Differentiating a worksheet for all students

Adapting a Seriation/ 1:1 correspondence task

This is a step by step description of how to adapt an activity for individuals with varying abilities

Video: Differentiated Measurement unit idea

Adaptive Writing Lessons

Acrostic Poems (Visuals)

This Thanksgiving writing activity has been differentiated for all learners to participate. Students can be provided a field of 3 visuals per letter of the poem to be able to answer. The visuals can also be shrunk to size to cut and paste for those that benefit from writing adaptations.

Adaptive Holiday Units

February - Valentine's Day Dance Party

This unit encompasses math, communication, social skills, life skills and more. Portions of this unit, is adapted with visuals to encourage all learners to participate!

100 Day of School Activities

Celebrate 100 days of school with different activities that incorporate langauge arts, math, social skills, movement , fine motor skills and more!