Classroom Management

Individual & Center Visual Schedule

Individual schedule example (checklist)

center schedule visuals (shapes or colors)

master example schedule for staff (for when students rotate to a center) and master example of student rotation schedule

Goal data sheets

Yes/No data sheet, prompting heirarchy data sheet, and more!

Assess skills, determine baseline, and more!

Data Tracking Tools

Video: Field size determination

Presenting materials from errorless learning to field of 3

video: Engaging all learners during groups

Granite State College Lesson Planning 101Video Series

This series breaks down the development of creating meaningful lessons. This series walks you through 8 different chapters that explain how to create measureable goals, using baseline data, proactive considerations and more!


I do. We do. You Do. Evidence Based Model

Evidence Based Teaching presents "The I DoWe DoYou Do model involves you in following a series of steps starting with you leading instruction and finishing with students working independently." By Shaun Killian

Video: Two ways to adapt materials for all learners to engage in group. Some students need supplemental materials to be able to sit and engage in group. This video shows two different ways to support those students.

Structured Teaching

Have Dreams training materials

"Explore our free virtual training materials, social skills activities, visual supports and more!" Have Dreams

Leisure Skills - Training Videos

Leisure Skills

Teaching Play and Leisure Skills to Students with Autism Presenters: Rachel Upp, B.A. Behavior Specialist at Monarch Center for Autism

Do you have students that have difficulty engaging in play or leisure activities? This powerpoint presentation has beneficial information for students with disabilities not just students with Autism. The information presented on types of play, methods to teach and practice these skills and generalizing the skills taught!

****How to Set Up Play Centers by Simply Special Ed

This resource is beneficial for organizing and developing a play/leisure centers in your classroom. Simple Special Ed also has amazing play center visual supports for purchase which support learners with play/leisure materials. These visuals are for toys however educators can take the idea and expand it to art projects, adapted books with matching and so much more!