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Assistive Technology

The Eisenhower Cooperative Assistive Technology Specialist works collaboratively with a student’s IEP team to thoughtfully consider AT intervention(s) that will enhance independent learning. Areas of consideration include, but are not limited to curriculum access, composing written material, writing mechanics, computer access, learning/studying, organization, communication, and seating/positioning. The AT specialist supports the team through the observation, consideration, student trials with data collection, and implementation processes. As the most appropriate tool(s) are identified as being needed, they are attached to the student’s IEP through goals and objectives. The overarching goal is to provide assistive technology services to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of the student with a disability in the educational environment.

Additionally, the program provides ongoing staff trainings for pertinent interventions and a monthly article for publication in the Coop Clips. Eisenhower Cooperative AT helps to build AT capacity at the member district level through the AT Connections Group. The group meets four times a year to learn about AT and share Cooperative and Infinitec AT news. New technologies are reviewed using a hands-on exploration approach. Members are strongly encouraged to distribute the information during their district staff meetings.

Eisenhower Cooperative AT Equipment Inventory